• Sylum Unknown

Seeking Asylum - Entry 1

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Where to begin when addressing a conversation that carries so much weight, even the slightest wrong wording can have a detrimental impact.

The depth reached before, during the process, and after the making of this project feels almost limitless; even though the actual timeline has only been two years.

In moments, draining & misguided; in others, enamoring & breathtaking. This album is the common; but often unheard story of love coming face to face with trauma.

Every word is personal to me, but I know they hit home with countless people.

As daunting as it may be too push this emotional story correctly, I also believe it is so important to be delivered.

This album symbolizes so much to me that by going through the process of creation, it became one of the most healing experiences of my life. I hope that the message brings you some peace or light just like it has brought me.

I’m grateful to be here and releasing this album.


New entries every monday...

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